Where You’re Likely to Find Snakes and What You Can Do

Most homeowners may feel paranoid about any lurking pests and creatures that may be around their property. One animal that’s great at hiding in residential properties is the snake. These slithery little predators are amazing at moving from spot to spot without being sighted, both outdoors and indoors.

If you have a certain paranoia that these serpents are crawling around your home, worry not! Keep reading this short guide of spots that you’re likely to find snakes in. Pick up a couple of tips that can help direct you on what to do as well.

Common Outdoor Sites

Most snake species are most accustomed to staying outside, especially where puddles of water accumulate during the rainy season. They may also lurk around the birdbaths and other variations of animal watering holes for your chickens, horses, and more. 

You may just spot the end of their tail lingering by the grass, though most of these snakes are quite elusive. Homeowners would normally spot shedded snake skins. If you happen to find the same, take it as a sign that there probably is a slithering critter by your yard.

If the snakes aren’t by the plants, grass, dirt, or rocks of the outdoor portion of your property, a part of you may assume that they’ve gone out to the sidewalks or driveways instead. However, the worst-case scenario is that the slippery creatures may have decided to sneak indoors.

Common Indoor Sites

If there’s any moisture in the home, that means that the snakes would be able to stay indoors. Check for any cracks or leaks in the house. The basement would be an easy way for the snakes to enter through.

However, even if that is how the snakes got in, it’s no guarantee that they won’t explore the rest of the home. Keep in mind that they do gravitate near water, so the bathroom and pipelines are a potential destination for them.

They might also sneak in between other confined spaces where they might be able to seek out heat. If you’ve seen any indication of shedded snake skin, be on your guard when handling laundry or organizing your storage.

Tips That Can Help

Many homeowners will find it nerve wracking to have a snake loose in their home, or even just the mere thought of it might have you shaking in your boots. It’s important to calm down and work on a game plan, though. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use a Flashlight. Do not try to stick your hand out and feel for the snakes. Some species may be venomous, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take out a flashlight and survey your surroundings instead.
  • Do a Moisture Test. If you can’t spot them, try to do a small moisture test. Leave out some damp towel piles under a dry towel to assess whether the snakes would crawl underneath.
  • Get Repellent. Snake repellents are both a great precaution and solution if any of those serpents are still going around. Just ensure that the repellent you get is safe for indoor use if that’s where you plan on placing it.
  • Call an Expert. If things get way too out of hand, go call on a pest removal expert. They should be able to sweep the property for any snakes and remove them with ease. Apply the repellent after.


  • In summary, snakes hide and linger most near areas where there’s water and heat involved. Do not engage when you see them. Instead, work on snake-proofing the home so that you can keep them away.

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