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All natural, eco-friendly, Safe with Pets and Children.

The only pod delivery system available in the market for indoor & outdoor use.

Snake Repellent reptiles Repellent

Protect The Ones You Love

Let the smell repel!! New all natural, patented delivery system that's used indoors & outdoors without leaving a mess.

Snakes and other reptiles have an extra sensitive taste and smell receptor known as “Jacobson's Organ”. When snakes and other reptiles slither into areas near REVOKERevoke Snake Repellent, they experience an unpleasant odor and bitter taste that makes them want to flee and never come back. But don't worry – you and your family won't smell a thing.

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  1. Remove pods from package.
  2. DO NOT remove lid on pods.
  3. Place pod in entry areas where snakes and other unwanted reptiles can enter (garage entrances, door entrances, crawl spaces, porches, underneath decks, pool areas, boat docks).
  4. Pods may also be placed in storage areas, closets, attics and corner of any room in the house.

Aroma from pods is highly offensive to snakes Jacobsen organ receptors and causes them to leave and stay away from affected areas.

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All natural


Prevents snakes from entering, nesting and foraging

Safe for people and pets when used as directed

Patented contained delivery system for clean indoor and outdoor use

Long lasting and rain resistant performance


Revoke Snake Repellent

Try-J Enterprises is a family-owned small business located in Memphis, TN. Our mission is to provide customers with a safe, self-contained, environmentally friendly product that deters snakes and other unwanted reptiles from their homes, both outside and inside. With 22 years of experience in the pest and animal control industry, we are committed to providing safe, simple solutions to deter unwanted invaders of any kind.

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Absolutely. This is what make our product unique: it can be used safely inside and out.

Absolutely. This is an all-natural product made from safe ingredients.

REVOKEnatural Snake Repellent is made of natural essential oils and mineral salt.

No. REVOKERevoke Snake Repellent smells bad to snakes, not to humans.

REVOKEWhat kind of snakes will it repel? repels all snakes, as well as other reptiles, amphibians, and mammals that have a vomeronasal organ (VNO), or Jacobson's organ. These animals have a sense of smell that is 10 times stronger than a humans. The fragrance from the oils offends these pests, sending them in the other direction.

No. It will only cause them to stay away from the areas with REVOKEWill it kill snakes? .

For best results, we recommend replacing each pod every 90 days

REVOKEkeep snake away pods should be placed at garage entrances, closets, attics, bathrooms, underneath cabinets, and anywhere else intruders are a problem.

Yes. REVOKEREVOKE snakes is also effective on reptiles, amphibians, and mammals that have a vomeronasal organ (VNO), or Jacobson's organ. Due to the increased sense of smell associated with this body part, these animals are repelled by the strong scent and taste of REVOKE.

Using REVOKERevoke Snake Repellent couldn’t be easier. Simply remove the pods from their packaging and place them wherever snakes and reptiles are a problem, like doorways, windows, closets, garage, crawl spaces, underneath decks, pool areas. DO NOT remove lid on pods.