Are There Snakes in Your Attic: Here's What You Should Know

Snakes don't typically frequent an attic for any other reason than feed on their favorite meal: rats. The presence of snakes does not always mean that rats are there, but it usually does. When you see one snake in the attic, there is usually a significant rat population in that attic as well.

In this post, experts behind Revoke® Snake Repellent, the best snake repellent, are going to talk about what could be attracting snakes in your attic and what you can do about it:

Why are Snakes Attracted to My Attic?

Before a snake is drawn to your attic, there has to be something that is attracting it. Snakes typically like the dark because it hides them from possible predators. Snakes are also attracted to dark and secluded places. As such, they usually try to strike when they're in the dark and when they're alone.

Some of the most common reasons as to why snakes are attracted to your attic are:

  • It's a dark place.
  • It's a secluded place.
  • It's a place that smells like food.

All of these are great reasons why snakes are drawn to your attic. A dark and secluded place that smells like food is perfect for a snake to rest.

You will know that they're there when you see either their shed or their skin. The shed is the old skin that the snake has outgrown and left in the attic for a couple of days. When you see the shed, you'll know that there's a snake in the attic somewhere.

The skin is the skin that the snake has just shed and will be in the attic for a little bit before it disappears. Seeing either of these should be a good sign that you have a snake in your attic.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Attic

Some people prefer to get rid of snakes in their attic by using a trap or even killing them. However, the best way to get rid of snakes in the attic is to call an Exterminator. Here's why:

The Traps Will Not Get All the Snakes

One common mistake that people make when trying to get rid of snakes in their attic is to use a trap. Traps are great for getting rid of pests in your attic. There is no denying that. The problem is that you can't use traps to eliminate all of the snakes in your attic.

Sometimes, the traps will catch one snake, but it won't catch them all. By leaving some snakes in your attic, you are allowing them to reproduce. When they reproduce, they will create more snakes, creating a bigger problem.

To get rid of all the snakes in your attic, you'll need a professional.

Using a trap to try to get rid of snakes in your attic is just going to leave you with dead snakes. Sure, that's a good thing in the sense that you at least get one, but it's problematic if there are multiple snakes in the attic. 


When you have snakes in your attic, it is a serious problem. While you can deal with the problem yourself, it is much better to let an exterminator deal with it for you. The professional will be able to get rid of all the snakes in your attic, and this will prevent them from reproducing.

Once all the snakes in the attic are exterminated, you can use the best snake repellent product available right now that will help ensure no snake will come back. 

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