What to Do When There's Snake in Your Attic

The attic is often a dust storage room where spiders and other critters may crawl in, but nothing is more frightening than finding a lost snake dwelling in your space. Snakes often hang around the outdoors, but there are reasons they can find themselves dangerously close to your abode. Even if they’re not venomous, snakes can be a force to reckon with as they can still give a painful bite. 

Why Would Snakes Be in Your Attic?

Snakes aren’t naturally inside-dwellers as they’re typically found in fields, grasslands, hills, and forests. If one gets inside, it would be a cause for alarm and require the services of a reputable company to safely remove the uninvited, reptilian house guest. 

One of the reasons a snake can crawl into your attic is to stay warm when the colder months hit, making your dark, dingy attic a good place for hibernating. But if you find snakes hanging in your attic during summer, then it may mean that there is an infestation of rats, mice, and other rodents seeking shelter in your home too. 

Most snakes are carnivorous, so they will eat the rodents to survive. However, they can be a big nuisance to have in your attic.

How to Prevent Snakes from Entering Your Home

Although you can find snakes in any part of your home, your attic is where they can be most dangerous. To prevent snakes from nesting in your attic, you should make the following changes:

Tip #1: Eliminate the rodent population in your home. Rat traps are effective to rid your home of rodents without having to resort to poisonous methods.

Tip #2: Keep the attic and roof space clear of debris and clutter as this helps in making your home less ideal for snakes and rodents to nest in down the line. 

Tip #3: Seal cracks and holes around the foundation and joinery of your home. Mice can easily use these spaces as entryways and snakes have been known to squeeze through holes in the attic, so it’s best to shield your home from any possible entry points.

Tip #4: Repair and disinfect your attic, roof, or floor to remove any possible snake smells or rat droppings. You can hire the services of an experienced company to handle this for you if you are not confident of doing it yourself.

Tip #5: Use safe, all-natural snake repellents to keep snakes away from your home. If you see that a snake is already in your home, however, call a snake service right away.

The Bottom Line: What to Do When You Find Snakes in Your Attic

Finding a snake in the attic is intimidating, but knowing how to deal with the situation can help you reduce the risk of panic. The first thing you should do when you find snakes in your attic is to keep calm, which will lower your risk of being bitten.

Then, cover the hole where the snake slithered in and contact a professional to help remove the snake. A qualified and experienced company will know exactly what to do, especially if the snake is venomous, they know how to deal with the situation and handle the snake with care.

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