Home Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Snakes Out of Your Garden

If you live in a region where snakes are abundant, chances are you've stepped out into your yard to encounter an unwanted visitor at least once. Fortunately, most snakes in the United States are typically harmless and avoid contact with humans. It's just that they're untamed and frequently hungry. 

Despite the likely lack of toxic venom, it’s still best to stay far away from them. In this article, we will go through some preventive tips on how to keep snakes out of your yard.

Remove Food Sources

A good majority of snakes feed on tiny prey such as mice, moles, and rats. Crickets, grasshoppers, snails, and slugs are also among the insects that they eat.

They will mark your garden as their domain if it is full of prey they can eat. However, after removing their food sources, the snakes will move on to find more plentiful food sources. Cleaning up the debris in your yard and trimming your bushes are two ways to ensure that their prey has nowhere to hide.

Clear All Hiding Spots

Snakes are stealthy animals that slither through thick grasses unseen. They also make their way through cracks and crannies hidden in heaps of rocks, wood, and other objects.

Removing all unnecessary material and garbage, as well as cutting the grass regularly, can deter them from entering your property. Snakes are unlikely to stay in your yard if there’s nowhere to hide and they’re exposed at all times.

Install a Snake Fence

According to experts at North Carolina State University, a snake-proof fence is made by burying a 1/4-inch mesh wire screen 6 inches underground and piling it up 30 inches. From bottom to top, it should slope outward at a 30-degree angle. The pegs that support the fence must be placed inside the fence, and any gates must fit snugly. Both within and outside the barrier, tall plants must be cleared. This setup will surely keep snakes away for good!

Get Help

If you believe that the snakes in your area present a threat to you and your family, you should contact local professionals and have them handle the situation. This is still one of the best ways to keep snakes away since it will protect you from any possible harm.

Use Snake Repellents

There are repellents in the markets that are explicitly designed for snakes. However, do not just buy the first chemical repellent you come across because they might harm your pets and the environment. Choose a trusted manufacturer instead.

For example, Revoke® Snake Repellent is a natural, eco-friendly, and safe product that you can use in the yard, attic, garage, or any other area in the house. 


Snakes of various kinds may be found in most parts of the United States. Even though non-venomous snakes are harmless to humans, many people prefer to keep them out of their homes and yards. 

If you don't want these slithery animals near you, the best way to get rid of snakes is to prevent them from finding a habitat near your home. Garden snakes may be controlled by keeping the grass and surrounding area clean, mowing regularly, clearing debris, and using snake repellents.

If you want to keep snakes away, you can buy our Revoke® Snake Repellent through our website now! Our product is safe for indoor and outdoor use, and it is perfectly safe for humans and pets.