9 Tips for Keeping Safe From Snakes

With fall now in full swing, temperatures have dropped, which means some creatures have begun seeking warmth, and others have come out to play. One of the more active animals during the colder seasons is snakes, usually born between July and September. Baby snakes typically slither around to spot their first meals at this time, which means you’re more likely to encounter them at some point. Other older snakes move around for a place to hibernate, brumate, or mate. Regardless, snake activity skyrockets at this time, which means you’ll need to stay vigilant if you want to steer clear of them.

Snakes cannot grow and thrive when temperatures dip below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that fall is their favorite time to be active, with fall leaves serving as the perfect camouflage to hide them. If you’d like to keep your home safe from these reptiles, you’ll need to have some snake repellent with you and know a few safety tips to avoid them. Here are some snake prevention tips to follow:

1. Cover Yourself

If you love spending time outdoors, be sure to wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Wear closed-toe shoes, long pants, and long sleeves. Stay away from open-toed shoes like sandals and flip-flops since they expose your feet to potential snakebites. 

2. Stay Away From Habitats

Snakes frequent areas that give them sufficient protection and coverage from other predators, such as tall grass, overgrowth, large rocks, woodpiles, and rock piles. If you have no choice but to walk through these areas, protect your feet and legs. Make your presence known and be alert for any signs of snakes.

3. Know the Snakes Common to Your Area

Knowledge is power, so consider familiarizing yourself with the snakes that are endemic to your area. Knowing what they look like is crucial to avoiding them and protecting yourself from dangerous, venomous ones. Do some research on the outdoor spaces you spend time in, as they could house snakes.

4. Look Above You

Although most snakes slither on the ground, some can climb trees and use overlapping branches to move from one tree to the other. If you’re walking through the woods, keep an eye above you to watch out for overhead snakes.

5. Walk With Confidence

While snakes don’t have ears, they can sense your presence through the vibrations on the ground from your footsteps. They’ll feel you coming long before they can ‘see’ you. To scare them away, take strong, confident strides and make your presence known so they can create a wide berth around you.

6. Be Vigilant

It is always important to be vigilant when spending time outdoors by examining the area ahead of you when walking and checking overhead from time to time when in the woods. If you spot a snake, be sure to identify it before approaching.

7. Survey Your Car

Snakes are clever and will use anything to hide from predators, especially if it has a warm and inviting surface, like your car. Before you start your vehicle, check under its hood, especially in the morning or if you park in an area known to house snakes.

8. Sweep Your Home

Keeping your home and yard inhospitable to snakes will prevent them from nesting in them, so be sure to seal all cracks outside your home, which will deter them from seeking warmth and searching for food. Clear your yard and garage of debris and clutter, and store woodpiles away from your property.

9. Buy Snake Repellent

To equip you with as much protection as possible, be sure to arm yourself with natural snake repellent. That way, wherever you go during fall, you’ll have a reliable way of keeping snakes away from you. It would be best to purchase snake repellent for the house and keep one in your car to always have one with you.


Snakes are far more active this season, which means you’ll likely run into them at some point. By following these snake prevention tips, you’ll keep yourself protected from even the most harmless, curious ones.

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