What Are the Things That Attract Snakes into Your Homes

Do you ever wonder why snakes invade your homes? You think about all the things to keep your house clean and free of any creepy crawlers especially snakes but they keep coming back into your home. 

Sometimes, it’s not really about the status of our homes but the unintentional habits that we do that attract these reptiles. So to help you get rid of these unwanted visitors, let us share with you two things that attract snakes and what you can do to stop them.


In America, there are 50 different species of snakes, from venomous copperheads to common garter snakes. They are present all over the country not only in the wild but also in places where people reside, like your front yard or even inside your house. You may not notice them sometimes but they are just there slithering around until you are taken by surprise.

So what exactly attracts them inside your home? Well, if you have a group of mice running around your house, then that explains why you frequently see snakes in your yard. This is because a lot of species of snakes target rodents for food.  

But you may ask, “There are no mice inside my house but I see snakes all the time inside our property.” Well, if that’s the case, then it may be that those snakes are looking for other food sources like frogs, lizards, and other small animals or baby birds and eggs nesting on your trees.

Landscapes That Offer Them Shelter

Snakes love camouflaging themselves and hiding away from their natural predators. So the next time you go out in your yard, make sure that you don’t just go into a pile of leaves or near the bushes and be unintentionally bitten by snakes.

You also need to think twice about the piles of rocks that you use as aesthetics or leaving dense vegetation in your garden because those would be perfect hiding spaces for slithering snakes. 

According to a PhD and a board-certified entomologist in Ehrlich Pest Control, Nancy Troyano,  wild tall grasses and shrubs attract rodents which means they also provide the perfect coverage for snakes, especially those found in secluded places. It may not look dangerous but the present unruly vegetation on these properties offer a place for snakes to hide against bigger animals that may eat them and at the same time serves as their hunting ground for prey.

Cracks and gaps around your window frames can also be a way for snakes to enter your home. So make sure that you seal those cracks even if they are the size of a pencil, added by Troyano. The drainage system also hosts and serves as entry points for a lot of creepy crawlers including snakes.


Sometimes it’s not enough that you keep your house clean and free from small animals that may attract snakes. You need to take extra precautions and actions so that you can protect your home, your family, and your loved ones. 

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