The Ways Snakes Love Your Yard (Without You Knowing It)

Native snake species can cause property damage in every region of the United States. And unfortunately, the majority of homeowners are unaware that they may unintentionally attract snakes to their yards. Read on to discover the different ways snakes love your yard (without you even knowing it).

Your Yard is Area with Rodents and Birds

Snakes in the wild can go for weeks or months without eating. Most snakes eat once or twice a week. They commonly eat mice, small rodents, and birds, depending on the species and location.

Because you will not see or hear mice or other rodents during the day, you may be unaware that your yard has been infested. In a way, having snakes in your yard may also help rodent infestation.

Although most mice enjoy meadows and open spaces, others prefer woodlands and bushes. Mice dig burrows to avoid predators like snakes.

Your Hard Has a Vegetation of Tall Greens

Many grass snake species prefer to live in tall grasses and plants.

Snakes may hide from predators, ambush mice, and even make your yard their home. Snakes can hide in tall grass in your yard before striking.

Your Yard Has Cool, Damp Areas

Snakes, like all other species, have a preferred habitat and environment. The type of snake and its surroundings define the appropriate climate. Snakes can more successfully manage their body temperature and thermoregulation.

Snakes with cold blood prefer cooler, wetter, and darker surroundings. This gives them a vacation from hunting.

This is why snakes hide behind shrubs, woodpiles, garages, and sheds. Snakes can find safe haven in each of these places

You Leave Pet Food Laying Around

You can leave food bowls out for several hours or days if you have an outside dog, cat, or barn/feral cat. Mice will swarm and consume food that has been left out for an extended period of time. There will be more snakes if there are more mice. This is true for any outside food, even pet food.

You Have a Nearby Compost

The same as leaving out expired pet food. Throwing food out your back door invites raccoons, opossums, and other creatures.

Compost outside your home. Again, mice and other rodents are the most dangerous to the compost pile. They will look for free food.

Your Yard Has Reliable Water Supply

Several snake species, notably the common garter snake, like moist conditions.

Snakes may be present in your yard when it rains and puddles form. Some snakes like to drink from water sources. Water snakes are larger and more harmful to property than grass snakes.

Snakes enjoy bathing in birdbaths. Birdbaths provide clean water while also attracting birds, which are prey for snakes.

Some snakes, including those that are not aquatic, like cooling off in the water. Any standing water on your property can attract snakes.

Your Yard Has Access Points

Snakes enter yards because they can. This is mostly possible when you groom your grass on a regular basis. Because they have an access point, they will move in once they realize your land provides food, shelter, and water. If you do not purposefully exclude snakes, they will most likely enter.


Maintaining your home also means protecting it. This means you must be fully aware of the creatures that could be harmful to you and your family, like snakes! Simply keep this list in mind to see if your home attracts snakes, and make the necessary changes.

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