Snakes in the Backyard: Top Tips for Keeping Snakes Away

There are just as many snake enthusiasts as there are people scared to death of snakes. Are they really just misunderstood creatures? In any case, any snakes not kept as pets are dangerous and must remain out of your property for your family’s general safety. Yet, you don’t want to kill these potentially dangerous reptilians either.

In this article, we will present some helpful tips to preempt, ward off, and keep snakes away. These tips will help you deal with them with the least possible danger.

Spotting a Snake: Sure Signs

Some of the sure signs of a snake intrusion in your yard include leftover snakeskin and missing rodents. If your yard has previously hosted mice and rats, nearby snakes will surely go for them for a quick lunch or dinner. While this may be a good way of eliminating common house pests, you may very well prefer eliminating mice or rats to snakes.

You might also notice fewer squirrels. Other common animals such as frogs may go disappearing all of a sudden as well. Snakes are great hunters, and common yard animals become a good source of food for them. In addition to the free and easy food, it is also an open invitation for free board and lodging in your backyard.

If your backyard has many hiding places such as grasses, rock formations, and covered hidden spots, you may be hosting one, or god forbid, a few. Holes may suddenly appear in your backyard too, and it’s not safe to prod through to check as it may host a venomous snake. You may use a natural snake repellent such as garlic and onions, but most of them will just rot away or lead other animals to eat them, leaving your yard vulnerable to snake attacks.

Other sure signs of a snake camping out on your property include snake poop, which looks distinct with a dark brown color, a longish shape, and occasional light-colored wet chunks, which is urine mixed in with the feces, as snakes urinate from the same opening. The poop may include undigested animal parts such as hair and small bones.

How To Get Rid Of Snakes In Your Yard

If you leave food for birds and squirrels in your backyard, remove all of them to avoid attracting snakes. The very presence of squirrels will prompt snakes to check them out, making squirrels and other smaller animals actual bait.

To keep snakes away, you need to clear out hiding places where they can sleep and take shelter from the heat. If you already suspect one hiding out in one spot, don’t surprise them or try to uncover their dwellings. You may use a snake trap, but you’ll have to handle its removal, which is still risky. The best option to get rid of them with no contact and the least dangerous is non-toxic snake repellent products, preferably those that won’t affect your family and pets.

Do this after following the previous tips so they won’t have any reason to stay, and they will leave on their own after their bad encounter with an effective repellent.

Final Notes

Snakes don’t belong in your backyard, period. These creatures are dangerous, even the non-poisonous ones. We want them out, but we also don’t want them dead either. The best we could do is not confront them, remove anything that can attract them, and follow safety tips to ward them off. This includes effective snake repellent.

You can use Revoke Snake Repellent to get rid of them for good. It is the most effective snake repellent because it is too intense for its smell and taste receptor (their Jacobson’s Organ). Revoke is also nontoxic for humans and pets. Get one now and get rid of snakes for good!