Why Snakes Like Your Swimming Pool and How to Get Rid of Them

Swimming pools do wonders for providing some much-needed entertainment at home, especially for those who want to host backyard, summer parties. While it's fun to have a pool you can dip and relax in anytime, there are also some hassles that come with caring for one. Aside from keeping the pool clean, there are pests that might invade your pool and scare off anyone who dares to plunge in, one of which includes snakes. 

No one likes to see snakes in their backyard, and even if there are plenty of non-venomous snakes that won't mean any harm to humans, it's still important to keep your pool free from these slithering reptiles. Other than hiring a professional pest remover, it helps to understand why snakes are attracted to your pool in the first place, so you can ensure they won't come back for an uninvited swim in the future. 

Why Snakes Like Swimming Pools

Water Helps Snake Shed their Skin 

Snakes often take a dip in a pool because the water helps them shed their old skin. In summer, snakes spend a lot of time in the water, which helps them to peel off their old dry skin so they can grow new, moist skin. It's the perfect time for the snakes to slip off their old shell, so to speak, which is one reason why they try to get into your pool.

Snakes Enjoy Moist Environments

Snakes enjoy living in moist environments and are quite commonly found in swamps, marshes, and other damp places in the wild. They look for warm, moist places to stay, which sometimes includes your backyard pool. The warmer the temperature of your pool, the more comfortable a snake will feel there. Though snakes are cold-blooded creatures, they still tend to find cool, moist spots cozy.

They're Looking For a Place to Feed

Snakes often enter your pool to feed on small bugs like mosquitoes and dragonflies that come along with your backyard party. The swimming pool also helps them catch food, like frogs, because they can hear them plop into the water from the side of their pool. The smell of food may also attract snakes to your home.

They're Looking for a Place to Hide

The third reason why snakes are drawn to pools is because they are looking for a place to hide. In the wild, they will burrow into the ground or slither into a crack to protect themselves from predators. If your pool has a deep area, snakes may use it as a hideout.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Pool

Cover Your Pool When Not in Use

If you know your pool will be unused for a long period of time, you can cover it to keep out snakes and other pests. Covering your pool can also help keep unwanted pool cleaners and pests out, so it's a good way to protect your pool.

Remove All the Hideaways in Your Garden

Snakes like to hide in small spaces and shrubs, so you want to make sure they cannot get in these places. They like to use leaf litter and brush piles, holes and cracks in concrete, and more. 

Install Snake Repellants

If you have a pool, and you don't plan to use it a lot, a snake repellant can help you keep snakes out of your pool. You can install a water sprinkler or motion-activated sprinkler to scare away snakes.

The Bottom Line: Hiring a Professional to Eliminate Snakes in Your Yard For Good

If you notice a snake in your swimming pool, hire a professional pest control company to hand remove them for you. It is much safer to hire a professional because it is possible to injure yourself by trying to remove a snake on your own. 

Furthermore, a professional can remove the snake safely, giving the snake a chance to find its way outside. Without any pests to jump in and ruin the fun, you can continue to lounge by your pool with greater peace of mind. 

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