5 Clear Signs That Snakes Are Nesting in Your Property

While snakes do virtually no damage to homes or property, a lot of people are not comfortable with the idea of these creatures in their immediate vicinity. Snakes instill a deep-rooted fear in many people that few other animals can match. The fact that even other animals see snakes as a threat only further serves as proof.

If you suspect your home or your area to have an infestation, it won’t be easy to find or keep snakes away. Here are some easy to recognize signs that indicate snakes have moved to your area:

Appearance of Snake Tracks

Snakes get from one place to another using muscular contractions of their body that scoot them along the ground. Although snakes move in a variety of different ways, they all leave tracks on a dusty or dirt-covered surface. Typically, s-shaped patterns mean you’re looking at a snake track. However, this could vary and look more like a sideways squiggle depending on the snake’s movements. If you suspect any snake activity in your home, try spreading flour or other dusty materials to help you see if you find tracks in the morning.

Shedding or Moulted Skin

Most snakes—venomous and non-venomous alike—undergo molting as part of their growth process. They usually leave behind these dead skin remnants around your house or backyard. If you see anything that resembles a snake but looks dead and unmoving, that’s probably a molted skin, and it indicates that you have a snake making your house its home. 

Weird Noises in Dark, Cramped Places

Unexpected noises coming from flooring areas or the basement can also be an indication of snake activity. Snakes have a propensity to seek out small, dark, and often damp places in order to lay eggs. These hiding places could be anywhere in your house such as a cellar, attic, or even extra bathroom that’s rarely used.

Discovering Snake Droppings

Before you can even start to keep snakes away, you must first confirm their presence in your home. Finding some snake dropping is an excellent indicator that you may have a snake problem. Snake dropping usually resembles a bird’s since it contains a yellow-white liquid portion that contains urea. Whatever you do, don’t touch those droppings. If you’re not sure it actually belongs to a snake, it’s probably best to seek help from professionals.

The Mysterious Absence of Rodents

As mentioned above, other animals treat snakes as a threat that they should stay away from at all times. Rats and other vermin living around your home are perfect victims of snake attacks. If you’re used to seeing a mice or two around the house every few weeks, but they suddenly stopped making an appearance, it’s possible a snake already hunted them down.


Snakes are one type of wildlife that’s probably the last thing any homeowner would want to find on their property. While poisonous snakes are quite rare in urban areas, the bite of a non-venomous snake is still quite painful. Make sure to look out for these signs to make sure if you have a snake infestation or not.

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