5 Reasons Why You Might See a Snake in Your Basement

A snake sighting in the basement is an unexpected problem, especially as the weather gets colder. Check out these tips from pest control experts that tell you what might be enticing snakes to your basement and how to keep them out.

1. Woodpiles

It may not be your intention to have a snake in your basement, but if you're building a woodpile, you're sure to have one. Woodpiles are a popular home for snakes because they are a good source of food and shelter, where they can stay and wait for their next meal. They cool off in the basements, which are still warm and undisturbed, and they have an easy time finding their food.

2. Mouse Problems

Mice are a problem in any basement, but they are also a huge treat for a snake! Mice leave their droppings, and the snake has a buffet at its disposal. If there is a snake in your basement, you will likely find mouse droppings and evidence of the snake's meals. If a snake is living in your basement, you'll be able to find mouse remains. Look around your basement for broken furniture and large holes in your walls. These are signs that a snake may have taken up residence in the basement.

3. Decaying Leaves

Homeowners who rake their leaves and pile them in the yard may be in for a rude awakening when they go to the basement for the first time in the spring. The leaves can decay and create a scent that snakes love. Add to that the warmth of the basement, and you've got yourself a snake's paradise. The only thing you can do to avoid this situation is to make sure you clean up as quickly as possible after raking and that you don't pile up leaves in an area that you plan to visit regularly.

4. Clutter

Basement clutter can be a nuisance, but it can also be a haven for a snake. Clutter provides snakes with a safe place to stay to seek warmth and hide while they wait for their next meal. The best way to avoid finding a snake in the basement is to clean up and then keep a clean basement. If you don't want to throw away your belongings, try to keep them in a safe, unused part of the basement.

5. Stagnant Water

Basements have a tendency to have a lot of moisture in them because of the cold, dark conditions underground. This moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and other problems, but it can also be a huge draw for snakes. If you are having a problem with a snake, you may want to check for unwanted water in your basement. This water can be caused by a leaking pipe or from condensation from the air.


Some of these tips may seem obvious, but it's essential to keep them in mind. The more you know about what could attract a snake to your basement, the easier it is to prevent one from coming home with you. If you've found a snake in your basement, you may want to call snake removal experts to help you get rid of these creepy critters.

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