Effective Methods for Getting Rid of Lizards in Your Home

Nobody wants to have any unwanted pests taking over their home. Although the reality is that lizards are generally harmless to humans, there are few horrors that match finding their carcasses dropped onto your personal items or realizing that a pesky lizard has brought in some bacteria into the place and spread it with feces.

It should be noted that you do not need to resort to killing them to keep your home lizard-free. So, if you are wondering how to keep lizards away from your place for good, read on.

Put Small Bowls with Tea Bags Across the House

Get some spare bowls and put tea leaves in them. You can use teabags for this if you don’t want loose tea leaves. Preferably, you should go for a lemongrass scent. Spread these across your home and leave them out for a few days. 

You should be able to keep lizards away because they will be averse to the smell. If you want to cover all your bases, you can put a bowl in each room.

Use a Humane Reptile Repellent 

Not all repellents are deadly. You can get a reptile repellent that effectively prevents lizards from making their way into your home without winding up with a ton of lizard corpses to clean up. As most house lizards are quite harmless, it should be enough to keep them away.

A good product won’t cause harm but will also prevent them from sticking around and clinging to your walls.

Leave Unwashed Eggshells in Certain Areas

Lizards can be duped into thinking your home is a big nest full of their worst predators - birds. Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to get birds just for this. 

Cook up some eggs for breakfast and leave the unwashed eggshells. Put them in the places where lizards keep popping up or getting comfortable to spook them. Their scent and presence will let lizards know to steer clear of the area.

Set Up a Lizard Trap

One way is to go for catch-and-release. The night is a good time to spot these spritely little critters. Keep the lights closed and stick to a flashlight so the lizard still thinks it is dark enough to come out. Check darker spots and corners by the walls. Seal off places they can hide (cracks, cupboards, vents, etc.) 

Once you’ve spotted it, you will have to calmly approach the lizard so it doesn’t panic and skitter off. Get a large empty container or jar and pop it over the lizard. Slide a cap or piece of cardboard underneath to trap the lizard inside. Then, take it outside and release it.


While most house lizards are considered unaggressive, you should be careful about the specific reptile you are handling. Certain lizards are still venomous and will attack if they feel threatened. Make sure you know what you are dealing with so you don’t end up harming yourself. 

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