Four Useful Tips to Keep Snakes Out of Your Garden

If you are trying to keep snakes out of your garden, we don’t blame you. Snakes prefer areas with a dense array of plants. A location that is rich in foliage makes it easier for them to sneak up close to their prey without being seen; the plants also offer them shade, which helps keep their bodies cool when the weather is warm. Snakes love a location that is rich in food. Unfortunately, the fondness of snakes for lush and shady environments means your garden is most likely a paradise to these creatures. This article will cover the best strategies for keeping snakes out of your garden.

Mow Your Lawn

Snakes thrive when they can slither through tall grass undetected. They use piles of rocks, wood, and other debris to create a place to hide between or underneath them. If you want to get rid of snakes in your yard, remove any and all debris that might attract them in the first place. They will not be able to find a comfortable hiding spot to live in if you do this. If they were hidden underneath a thick blanket of grass and debris, and one day the blanket is gone, they will pack up and leave in a hurry.

Check Your Garden for Gaps or Holes

Check for holes and cracks around your home, especially along the foundation, where snakes and other tiny reptiles can enter. Beware of cracks underneath the doors of your garage, tool shed, storm shelter, or other structures on your property as well. Also, sweep up debris from your property and away from these structures. Inspect the outside of your home for gaps and holes, then seal them for protection against any unwelcome guests—especially the snakes that are often found in these nooks and crannies.

Use Rough and Jagged Material for Mulch

No one likes getting cut with broken glass, rolling around on sharp rocks, or running into thorns, and snakes are no different. Their scales are too sensitive for that. If you put a layer of sharp mulch, such as pine cones, along with the soil where garden snakes live, they'll stay away because they can't stand to travel on sharp things.

Use Snake Repellent

Snake repellent can be quite useful when it comes to warding off snakes. However, you should be wary of the repellent that you make use of. Repellents can often contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to people and their pets. These chemical repellents pose a toxic threat because the chemicals can be ingested by pets and family members through the plants that grow in a garden. Thankfully, nontoxic snake repellents are available on the market to repel snakes while keeping your family and pets safe.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you prevent snakes from invading your garden. Snakes can be a pain to deal with, so it’s best to do everything you can to keep them out. Be sure to keep everything that we’ve discussed here in mind so that you can best protect your home from these pesky reptiles.

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