3 Effective Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your House

It’s nice to be home, isn’t it? Besides providing security and comfort, having a nice and well-kept home serves as a sanctuary that gives peace of mind and provides a place to rest. When you have a house you love living in, you’ll always have something to look forward to after work. 

“Home, sweet home” indeed—for now.

When an Intruder Disrupts Your Peace

In a perfect world, you would instantly feel safe and happy as soon as you open the front door and enter your house. Unfortunately, in reality, peace can be hard to come by, with all of the environmental elements and creatures slithering around, threatening to cause disorder and distress.

House fires, burglaries, broken roofs—when it comes to potential dangers within the home, the possibilities are endless! But among the many possible things that may happen, the invasion of unwelcome non-human guests, such as snakes, are perhaps on the top of that list.

Yikes, Snakes!

Scaly, slimy, and legless—these are only a few of the attributes that make snakes one of the most unwanted animals to have in a house. Humans aren’t the only ones that find snakes frightening; even other animals feel threatened when in the presence of snakes! It’s safe to say that—human or not—no one considers snakes to be good company.

Unfortunately for you, you live in America, and in this country, snakes abound. You may think that since you live in an urban area, you’re safe from these creatures, but on the contrary, there are quite a few incidents wherein people find snakes slithering around in their yards and even inside their houses!

How to Keep the Snakes Away

Snake home invasions are pretty common, but this doesn’t mean that it has to happen to you, too. By following our guide below, you can prevent snakes from slithering near your home, so you can rest easy and relax all you want in your humble abode without worry.

Get Rid of Rodents

Snakes love eating rats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have rodents crawling around your home, best believe that snakes will know, as they can use their tongues to track their prey. 

If you want to keep your home snake-free, you should prevent rodents from entering the house by cleaning your surroundings, removing food sources, and sealing off gaps and holes.

Trim Your Grass

If you have an outdoor area, you should remember to keep the grass short. Snakes like to use tall grass to hide from large birds, cats, and dogs. They also use the shade from shrubs to stay cool and rest. When you keep your grass short, snakes will be less likely to hide out and relax in your yard. 

Use Snake Repellent

Using snake repellent is one of the best and surefire ways to prevent awkward encounters in your home. Snake repellents, such as our Revoke™ Snake Repellent, can effectively deter snakes from entering your house and wreaking havoc. Although our snake repellent is safe for humans and pets, you should still be careful when using this product.


Creating a peaceful home is essential to manage stress and achieve happiness. However, this is easier said than done. With all of the rodents and creatures that could slide around your home, you’re sure to come across one. But, as long as you follow our tips above, you are sure to have a happy home that is rodent and snake-free!

Keep snakes away from your house with our snake repellent! Our Revoke Snake Repellent is a safe, self-contained, environmentally friendly product that deters snakes and other unwanted reptiles from their homes and personal recreational areas. Buy now!