How You Can Effectively Deal With a Snake Infestation

Whether you view snakes as a problem, a fright, or a mere annoyance, having them nest in your property when they’re not supposed is something that you should act on right away. 

Much like house fires and water damage, the problem in question commonly occurs all over the country as many residential spaces have conditions that act as perfect living conditions for slimy reptiles. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of what to do whenever they see snakes nesting in their area since such an issue can pop up randomly. 

Why you must take care of this problem immediately

Compared to other creature-related problems that you can face at home, having snakes nest all over your property poses a significant safety risk because they can pose a significant amount of danger—especially if you’re dealing with the venomous ones. This problem should be dealt with as soon as possible because it can be even more dangerous for your furry pals as these slithery reptiles bite and kill a growing number of pets each year.

Signs to watch out for

Regardless of the type of snake you’re dealing with, the last thing you want on your property is a family of reptiles that have come to hibernate. Yet, it’s critical to first know whether or not they’re actually on your property. If you suspect that there are a bunch of slithering reptiles around your home but can’t exactly confirm your suspicions, here are a few key signs to watch out for: 

  • There are slither tracks all over your property: One of the most indicative signs of a snake infestation is the sight of slithering tracks all over your property. If you’re dealing with such a problem, you might notice tracks that indicate where a den of snakes passed through if you’re inspecting a dusty area or crawlspace.
  • There are snakeskins: Many snakes shed their skin as they grow and leave them around an area they nest or hibernate in. Evidence of these reptiles on your property can come in the form of dry, scaly skin that may be in a whole sheet or in a crumpled heap, all of which can be found somewhere close to an entrance into the walls of your home.

How do you deal with this infestation?

When you confirm your suspicions of having snakes on your property, then it’s best to spring into action and start carrying out the necessary steps to properly handle the situation and free your home of slithering threats. To help ensure that you effectively clear every square inch of your property, here’s a step-by-step guide that you need to follow: 

Step #1: Keep your pets inside

Before you start taking charge, the very first step in handling your home’s budding infestation is to keep your pets indoors until everything is declared snake-free. 

Step #2: Inspect your areas

Now that you’ve kept your pets indoors, the next step on your list is to start examining areas where you’ve seen snakes and map them out so that you have a full idea of how big the problem is. Typically, the nests of these reptiles are easily identifiable as they pop up as new holes, which also provide information on what areas you should avoid. 

Step #3: Protect the inside of your home

If you’re dealing with a snake infestation on your property, then you’ll need to be aware of the fact that snakes can indeed end up inside your home because they can slither through crevices and cracks if they’re big enough. To help counteract such a risk, you can equip every room with a pot of Revoke® Snake Repellent that uses a blend of essential oils and mineral salt to send snakes away from your home! 

Step #4: Call your local pest control

Once you’ve protected your home and fully inspected your property, it’s time to call in a pest control service that will take care of your current problem with ease. Fortunately, keeping your property safe and snake-free will take no more than a few days or so from start to finish so that you can start enjoying your outside spaces again! 


Dealing with a snake problem on your property can make for a hefty threat to watch out for because of how dangerous it can be if not handled correctly. Fortunately, following the steps mentioned above will allow you to take the right steps moving forward and guarantee your safety ASAP! 

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