Getting Rid of Snakes in Your Basement or Under Your House

Basements are one of the most prevalent breeding grounds for snakes. Foundations of buildings will move and break as the earth shifts due to periodic thawing and freezing. These crevices are great for snakes to build dens. The cracks in your basement are not the only route for these reptiles to enter your house. Snakes can fit through a wide variety of apertures. 

They often enter ground-level through uneven door jams or broken window trims. Before you can hope to get rid of any snakes within your house, you'll need to seal up any gaps that could let them in. Snakes are not as hardy as other nuisance animals, and they will not eat through sealants or other barriers. 

Of course, having your trim clipped to a low level will reduce the issue of snakes being close to your property. Nothing beats tall grass along a foundation for a snake to hide in. Snakes will have no shelter to protect themselves from predators or the elements if the grass is kept short and gardens are kept away from the house.

How to Get a Snake Out From Your Basement or Under Your House

The best thing you can do to get a snake out from under the house is to seal all holes around the outside of the basement and eliminate the clutter. Snakes will like to live in dark and damp places; therefore, you will need to seal up all cracks and holes around your house to get them out. You can use caulk for the foundation of the house and a heavy-duty sealant on all foundation seams. 

An excellent way to get rid of clutter around the house is to get rid of all garbage and keep all wood piles away from the house. All cracks should be sealed around the windows, the foundation, and any place the snake can get inside. Another option is to add a snake-repelling polymer to the outside foundation. These products are harmless to people and pets. They are generally made of organic ingredients and may have a foul odor. The smell of these products is enough to deter snakes from entering the building. 

If you must have the animal gone, first see if you can identify it. The most common snakes are garter snakes and black racers. Neither of these is venomous. The other common snakes, such as water and rat snakes, are non-venomous and can be left alone. Black racers and garter snakes are beneficial because they eat bugs. Be sure to check, though, that you do not have a poisonous snake in the area. If you are not sure, contact someone for help. Keep in mind that it is illegal to kill snakes in some areas, even if they are in your home.


Snake removal can be a challenge. You must identify the species of snake and work with professionals who know the best ways to get rid of snakes. Before any extermination efforts, you must find the source of the infestation. If you have noticed some small holes in your attic, you probably have a snake problem. 

Contact an expert if you do not know where the holes are or are unsure of what type of snake is living in your home. It is crucial not to kill any snakes you may find. It is illegal to kill snakes in many areas, and they are beneficial to the ecosystem. If you live in an area in which the snake is considered dangerous, you may need to call a professional to get rid of it for you.

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