Common Indications That You Have Snakes in Your Home

While many snake species are not harmful to humans, not many people can sit comfortably at home with the idea of a snake on their property. It may be concerning, especially if you hear them hissing around or anyone from your family finds a snake hibernating in your home.

These snakes live off rodents and mammals such as birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and eggs. Some venomous species like vipers or rattlesnakes can kill or paralyze through the venom in their hollow fangs.

If you are wary of snakes in your home, this article will run you through signs of a snake infestation in your home and what to do if you find one.

Indications of a Snake Infestation in Your Home

It may be challenging to spot snakes in your home, especially in the winter when they are hiding and hibernating. However, they may have left some trails, such as:

Snakeskin around the House

This may be the first sign of snakes in your home. When a snake sheds, it leaves a dry, scaly piece of skin behind. This may be found in the walls, corners, or dark areas of the house.

Slither Tracks

As they don’t have legs and feet, it may be harder to find tracks of snakes. Snakes may leave slither trails in dusty areas or crawl spaces.

Distinctive Snake Smell

If you notice a distinctly strange smell in any crawl space or dark area that wasn’t there before, it can be an indication of a snake in your home.

Noise Coming from Damp Spaces

You may hear strange noises from dark and damp spaces as snakes hiss or lay eggs.

Should You Get Rid of Snake Nests?

It is best to inspect dark, damp, and cool areas of your home, such as the basements and crawl spaces. 

You may find snake nests in any damp space in your home or a hole in the ground around it. If you find one, it is best not to deal with these yourself as you may disturb the snakes and provoke an attack.

Always call for a pest control company immediately. They will take care of the removal process. You may want to check afterward for any snakes or eggs left behind.

Preventing Snake Infestations

It may be challenging to prevent snake infestation in your home, especially if you live in areas where snakes are common. However, you can take the following preventative measures to keep snakes away from your home:

  • Clear out piles of wood, compost heaps, and other debris gathered around your property. These attract smaller pests such as rats that attract snakes.
  • Mow your lawn regularly and trim down tall vegetation around your home that can be accessible hiding spots for snakes.
  • Dispose of clutter, trash, and food as quickly as possible to avoid attracting rodents and snakes to your home.
  • You can also use a natural snake repellent that makes use of aromas offensive to the sensitive organ receptors of snakes.


Snakes can be found in many homes in the US, especially in areas where they are common. They are not harmful as long as they are not provoked. 

If you have snakes in your home, it is better to call a professional pest control company to safely and conveniently remove them.

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