Can Mothballs Help in Keeping Snakes Away from Property?

Imagine going outside to tend to the garden. You bend over for a few of your potted plants when you spot some sort of movement on the grass. When you take a closer look at it, you discover a snake!

Most homeowners spiral into a panic upon seeing a snake and start racking up ideas of how to quickly get rid of it. However, it’s important to be calm first and clear your mind. Don’t be rash with trying to figure out a solution. Some snakes are relatively harmless and even helpful at pest removal, but there are also snakes that can be venomous and attack you after provoking.

It’s better to assess the situation first instead of acting hastily. Try to learn what the snake species are and check out different tools that can help. Mothballs are often presented as an effective snake repellent, though this is actually a common misconception. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Assessing What Mothballs Are

Mothballs are a mix of chemicals that have been compressed into small white balls. Most people may observe them packaged with new clothes, and that’s because these are used to repel moths and other insects that may have an affinity to the fabric or materials.

Fiber pests can be incredibly scary, so the use of these mothballs was allowed. However, when it comes to other problems like snakes, experts say that mothballs are a very ineffective solution. Its fumes may keep those snakes away, but its chemical makeup will prevent good insects from entering your property. They are also harmful to the property’s occupants.

Understanding Their Danger

Mothballs are made up of dangerous chemicals. One variant would contain naphthalene while another would say paradichlorobenzene, and both would produce a dangerous gas that can place many people in danger. Some of these symptoms include nausea, irritation, redness in the eyes, and more.

It doesn’t help either that the appearance of mothballs looks so similar to candies. Your young ones wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two, nor would they bother to check at all. Ingesting mothballs can result in you being ill, so just discontinue use altogether.

Finding Better Alternatives

Instead of justifying and using mothballs, check for other ways to repel snakes or prevent them from going in. One of the most ideal ways that can help in keeping snakes and other pests from the home is by maintaining cleanliness. Don’t make the environment attractive to these critters or predators.

Having a couple of fences up can also discourage snakes and other intruders from barging into the home. There are much better snake repellent products on the market compared to mothballs too, so pick up a couple to store when needed.

Revoke® Snake Repellent is less harmful to the property’s occupants, thanks to its natural and biodegradable composition. Along with that, the oil mix gets the job done in removing the snakes both indoors and outdoors.


In summary, mothballs barely work in terms of keeping snakes away. The mothballs are very ineffective as they put anyone living on the property at risk. It’s best to explore other alternatives and repellents when taking care of the slithery reptile.

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