6 Factors Attracting Snakes Back To Your Property

Despite putting so much time and effort into trying to rid your property of snakes, you keep finding them again and again. What are you doing wrong? Well, there could be many things. For instance, you may simply be getting rid of snakes you see, but aren't actually getting rid of food sources or dark, damp shelters they love so much.

Today, we're going to tell you exactly what attracts snakes to your property to help you tackle the root of the issue to chase away snakes once and for all:

1. Cool, Dark Shelters

What's the best way to make your property an inviting place for snakes and other animals that you really don't want to find on your property? Cool, dark shelters! And, unfortunately, your yard and house are full of these!

The best way to chase away snakes is to stop them from wanting to live on your property in the first place. You do this by removing as many dark, damp areas and making them go elsewhere to live. This can include clearing your garage from piled-up cardboard boxes down to sealing any holes that give access to such a place.

2. Grassy Areas

Grassy areas are great for keeping cool in the summer, but they're an awesome place for snakes to rest and hide during the day. That's because tall grass provides great cover and can quickly become your yard's "snake haven" or "snake paradise," if you will.

If you're always seeing snakes on your property but never in your actual house or shed, it's quite likely that your property's grassy areas are attracting them.

3. Moisture

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Moisture is the mother of all health?" Well, this applies to your property, too! When you have too much moisture in your yard, you create a haven for all sorts of critters and insects that, in turn, often bring snakes to your property as well.

4. Trash

If you don't have a trash service for your home or yard, you may have piles of trash on your property. Trash attracts snakes, rats, and other sorts of vermin. Once vermin are on your property, you'll have bigger problems than a few snakes.

5. Food Sources

Problematic for people and pets, food sources are a common attractant for snakes. Whether it's a bird feeder or a pet's food bowl, snakes can smell a food source a mile away! Even birds and rats count as food sources, so don’t ignore them either.

6. Water

Snakes generally don't enjoy the water, but they'll take to it if they need to. If you have a lot of water on your property, wildlife may show up, and, in turn, snakes are more likely to visit. This could include water from the rain, a pool, a pond, or even a creek.


If you're getting rid of snakes on your property, but they just keep returning, you really need to take a step back and narrow your focus. Performing a general snake removal may provide temporary relief, but it's hard to keep snakes away if you don't know what attracted them in the first place. As such, keep an eye out for the above factors in your home. Some may be impossible to eliminate completely, but doing your part to reduce the ways snakes can be attracted to your property will reduce the chances of snakes ever showing up at all! 

Of course, if you need the ultimate help, feel free to reach out to pest control. They can identify problem areas in your home and tackle them to minimize the risk of snakes coming back.

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