5 Steps in Handling a Snake Infestation After a Storm

Our natural response to storms is to hide in our homes and to stay safe. However, for wild animals to leave their homes, hunt, and look for food. Snakes, being ectothermic reptiles, are naturally drawn to warmth. Since they live in burrows, storms may flood the holes that may cause them to drown, pushing them to look for other places to dwell until the weather subsides.

Most of the time, a storm signals a snake’s chance to find a new home—sometimes, even food. As a result, they often find themselves in residential areas where they may pose a danger to humans. If a snake ends up in your home after a storm, what would you do?

1. Stay Calm

Although it’s a reason to panic, handling a snake in your home should be done calmly. Panicking only results in mishandling and the possibility of getting harmed. Staying calm puts your mind to work for relaxation to think of better ways to handle the situation. As long as you’re calm, you get to think straight and take the necessary steps to keep your family calm.

2. Confine Them in One Area

The first step in handling a snake at home is to isolate and confine it in one area. It’s easier to spot the snake and monitor its movement when it is kept in a place far from people living in the house, where it can be easily seen. Suppose it’s possible to keep an eye on it until professional help arrives, then better. But remember to keep a distance from it as it may feel threatened and strike at anyone it sees.

3. Pin Its Head

It is dangerous to touch snakes. However, it will be safer if you can secure its head by pinning it and wrapping a material around it that blocks the snake’s vision. Using a long stick, try to hold down its head but make sure it’s not hurt. Try to be as humane as possible in handling the animal. While a stick pins the head, ask someone else to cover it with a thick cloth. Ensure that the snake’s eyes are covered to prevent it from seeing.

4. Walk, Don’t Run

Our instinct is to run from anything that seems dangerous. However, it’s a different case for snakes. If ever you get to see one in your house, try not to panic or run. Instead, take a few steps back and slowly get away from it while keeping an eye on it. As much as possible, keep an eye on the snake and monitor where it goes or what it does.

5. Call Animal Control

Calling for professional help is the best way to handle a snake infestation. Most people do not know how to handle wild animals and might result in harming or killing them. Instead, call 911 and ask for wild animal control. All you have to do is observe the snake and monitor its movements while waiting for help to come.


Snakes may be dangerous, but it’s crucial to keep them safe even after barging into your homes. It would help to stay calm to avoid making mistakes that can harm or injure them. If possible, call for professional help right away and wait for it to arrive. Snakes are part of our ecosystem and control the rodent population.

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