5 Common Snakes in the Summer & How to Protect Your Home

Summer is here, and you might be thinking of great activities to do. But before that, you need to know one thing: snakes are on the move, too! This is the time of the year when they emerge from hibernation to search for food. With that, the chances are high you will encounter them this summer. 

Here are some of the most common snakes you might likely come across this season: 

Eastern King Snakes

This type of snake has a shiny black color with either white or yellow bands. It’s a large snake, which is usually between three and four feet long. You will likely see them in the woods, cluttered areas, and basically, anywhere that is “protected.” 

When you see an Eastern King Snake, be cautious. Even though they’re non-venomous, they are strong constrictors, and they can bite. 

You can prevent them from entering your property by ensuring there are no food sources and removing clutter and debris around and inside your property. It’s also ideal to choose a snake repellent product that we offer here!

Rat Snakes

The name itself is already a giveaway! This snake is non-venomous and is black and yellow with gray stripes or darker patches. Rat snakes thrive in wooded areas, swamps, and abandoned or vacant buildings. 

A rat snake may not have venom, but that doesn’t mean it can’t attack and bite. That’s why if you see one, be extra careful. 

Prevent rat snakes in your home by reducing food sources, especially rats and mice, because they’re not called rat snakes for nothing!

Garter Snakes

These are small snakes with three yellow stripes. You can see them during the day or night in suburban areas under boards or debris. They also love to be around water, woods, and grassy areas. 

Garter snakes are non-venomous, and they’re not a threat unless you bother them. So, if you see one, let a professional handle it, no matter how small they are. 

Black Racer Snakes

These are large snakes with slender bodies; some even have a white chin. They are common in the eastern US, and you will usually see them in fields, wetlands, or near forest edges. 

Black racer snakes, despite their name, are timid, and they flee when they’re threatened. 

Brown Snakes

Brown snakes are small and are 6-13 inches long. Although most of them are brown, some may be reddish, yellowish, or grayish-brown. They thrive in residential areas during the summer and basically any protected area. Brown snakes are non-venomous and are more active during the night. Although they don’t pose a serious threat, they can still bite, so make sure to stay away from them when you see them. 


Now is the perfect time to take preventive measures to ensure your property is protected from these snakes. Although these are non-venomous, they can still cause harm, especially if you have kids and pets on your property. Making sure there are no food sources and your home is clean and free of clutter are crucial. 

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