3 Excellent Reasons Lizards Are Invading Your Home

There are many reasons you might find lizards in your home. For instance, it might be because their favorite insects are also in your home, luring them in. Whatever the case may be, once you know why they are invading your home, you can easily deal with your lizard problem. 

Unless you have pet lizards, you generally do not want these pests inside your home. Not only are they unsightly, but they can potentially carry harmful diseases that can hurt any home dweller they come into contact with.

That is why it is worth discussing why lizards may show up in your home. Knowing and understanding the reasons can help you prevent lizard infestations:

1. There are many insects in your home 

From crawling to flying insects, lizards tend to eat a lot of them. Caterpillars, spiders, and even snails are just some examples of what lizards love to eat. If any of these creatures infest your home, chances are that the lizards will be there, too. 

For some people, lizards are welcomed simply because they eat the more dangerous insects, like spiders. However, lizards themselves can also be hazardous, especially when they are on the ceiling. They can fall and end up in various places they should not be, such as electrical wiring. They might also leave feces everywhere, which is certainly unhygienic.

2. You have fruits and plants exposed

Lizards do not only eat insects. They also eat their fair share of fruits and vegetables. This is just one of the ways they can get the water they need to survive. 

Second, the vitamins in fruits and vegetables keep them nourished and are a good substitute for insects. If you have any fruits or vegetables exposed in the kitchen or have them growing outside, lizards may drop by to feast on them. This can be incredibly dangerous because if you were to eat a fruit bitten by a lizard, it could lead to food poisoning or salmonella.

3. You are unknowingly providing water

Lizards need water to survive, just like every other living creature. Although you may not be actively giving them water, stagnant water or leaking pipes can act as water sources. Inspect your home for any standing water and leaks to drive lizards away from your house.


Once you have driven the lizards away by tackling all of the above issues, sealing cracks and covering gaps can further prevent lizards from ever entering the home. Using reptile repellants can also help keep lizards at bay, ensuring that they will not come back and put you or the home at risk. 

If you feel you are losing a battle against the lizards, do not be afraid to contact a professional. They can assist you and help you tackle the pest issue, ensuring that your home is lizard-free for the long term.

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